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Graffiti Incursion


Graffiti incursion #seniors

Nathan from the city of Casey came to talk to the students about graffiti and its impacts on society. He was informative and funny. Here he is acting out a scene with our own acting star Ethan from S20.🤣😂🤣

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Pyjamas sport in the MPC




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I Sea, I Care Ambassador Program – Frog Hollow Reserve



Our ambassador’s Upu (S12), Gabriel (S13), Ashraf (S14), Sean (S19) & Sharni (S20) visited Endeavour Hills to see Casey Council empty the rubbish traps from the storm water drains. We were able to see the massive crane lift the bag from the drain and empty the contents for removal. Secondly we drove to Frog Hollow Reserve and planted over 200 plants in the local habitat, collected rubbish, checked water purity and caught some living things from the water ways – including a shrimp and a couple of small fish! It was an amazing day enjoyed by all.




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Senior science


We are completing our Stem challenge.

Here are our landing pods with a dragging mechanism in action.



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Narre Warren P-12 visit


Seniors enjoyed a visit from P-12 arts program today



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Fun with STEM!


       Senior students have been working on a STEM based project based on their understanding of Earth and Space Science.


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The Arts


The seniors are busy preparing their new visual arts projects. We have also been doing some improvisations during drama.

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Lightening Prem Tomorrow


Hi All,

Don’t forget that tomorrow (Wednesday 17th May) is Lightening Prem Day.

Don’t forget to be dressed in school colours with correct sports footwear, have your snack, lunch, water bottle and jacket.

Looking forward to a fun day of sports!!

🙂 Senior Team

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What’s happening Term 2 in the Seniors!


Welcome back to Term 2, 2017!

During Term 2 the senior school we will be focusing on Australia: Our History.

Grades will learn about the lives of people in Australia’s past including Australia’s colonial past, Settlement, The First Fleet, land explorers, The Eureka Stockade, The Gold Rush, wars that Australia have served in, immigration and Federation. We are lucky enough to have a suitcase from the Immigration Museum full of artefacts from different people that have migrated to Australia which we will explore!

During literacy sessions we will continue taking part in daily Readers’ Workshop activities which focus on the CAFÉ strategies Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanded Vocabulary. Students will regularly visit the school library to borrow books, for school and home, which are of interest and at an appropriate reading level. Our mentor text for this term will be ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events; The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket’.  We will have the opportunity to read the book and compare it with the TV series as well the movie.

Our writing program Big Write/VCOP will continue as we have found that it improves student writing content and stamina. Students will learn writing strategies and set writing goals for themselves and each other.

Our maths sessions are split into two areas Number and Algebra which will focus on the four operations, money and financial matters and problem solving.  The second area is Measurement and Geometry which will focus on time, location and tessellations/symmetry/rotation. We have lots of great hands on activities planned and look forward to sharing our work with you on our blog.

Each week senior students will participate in Digital Technology (Digi Tech) sessions. This term will have a focus on email, office 365, how laptops and iPad’s work and their features/parts, binary coding and algorithms. We also have some brand new robotic coding devices called Dash which we will get to explore and code. Students work will be uploaded on Sentral and on the senior blog, so don’t forget to check them out to see what we have been working on and creating.

In PE sessions with Bill this term, students will learn about and participate in a fitness program as well as an athletic program. Senior students also participate in weekly senior sport games against other local schools. We will also be involved in Lightning Premiership which is a full day of playing the below games against schools in the district. This season students will have the option to play Netball, T-Ball, Badminton, Soccer (girls and boys teams) and Cricket. Please keep an eye out on our website and blog for game information such as venues and times and some pictures of our games!

In Science sessions with Ilona and the class teacher senior students will be exploring the areas of Earth and Space, which includes our Solar System and our wild weather. We have the StarLab planetarium dome coming to school which will showcase our Solar System and some Aboriginal Astrology. During science, students will be given the opportunity to question and explore the world around them, expanding their scientific understanding, in a hands on way.

The Arts with Ms T, includes Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design.  These Arts sessions will enable students to develop their creative and expressive capacities by learning about the different practices, disciplines and traditions that have shaped the expression of culture locally, nationally and globally.

Don’t forget if you have any extra time and would like to be part of our learning please come and see your child’s teacher. We look forward to a term of fun and learning by all!


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Harmony day


Seniors and middles watch two friends play in the MPC

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